24 "Napoleon Dynamite" GIFs Every Latter-day Saint Can Relate To


It's been 15 years since Napoleon Dynamite hit the big screen on June 11, 2004. While the moon-boot wearing, tater-tot loving Napoleon became a national sensation, he has a special place in the hearts of many Latter-day Saints. As BYU Magazine relates, Napoleon Dynamite's production team was "made up almost entirely of BYU students and alumni." The movie was only made possible by an "angel investor" who put up $400,000 for the indie film that "sold to Fox Searchlight Studios for $4.75 million and grossed more than $46 million in the first year it was released. It remains one of the most profitable low-budget films of all time and a leader among Fox’s all-time bestselling home-video titles."

To celebrate this unexpectedly epic comedy and hallmark of Idahoan culture, here are a few GIFs from Napoleon Dynamite that every Latter-day Saint can relate to.

The day you graduate from Primary and become a deacon or beehive

How all the 10-year-olds are feeling on the inside 

That awkward moment at the stake dance when you ask a girl to dance but then realize it's not a slow song

When you are the only person to show up for the Mutual activity

When you run out of things to talk about during a slow dance and it's only the first verse

When you finally turn 16 and can go on your first date

How all your 15-year-old friends act when you ask them what they will be doing while you are on a group date

How they really feel inside

That moment when the Primary whips out some amazing sign language during the Primary program

When you're caught sneaking food into your tent at trek

The first 11 months of your foreign-language-speaking mission

Your first stake dance versus . . . 

That moment when your dancing skills have fully blossomed

When you go door to door with your Young Men and Young Women group trying to raise money for the summer camp out

When you accidentally sit a little too close to someone on the pew and then realize they're not a part of your family

When you realize someone put carrots in the jello salad

Your first day on trek versus . . .

Your last day on trek

When you are on your first scout camp and realize all the other boys have earned their pocket knives

When you're subbing in Primary and the 11-year-olds are "too mature" for singing time

When your mission call finally arrives

That moment when you finally realize you're going to spend the next 18 months to 2 years in a rural town in Kentucky

Lead image from IMDb
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