23 Rare Photos of Elder Renlund That Will Make You Love Him Even More

by | Nov. 13, 2019

Mormon Life

Elder Dale G. Renlund was born on November 13, 1952, in Salt Lake City, Utah. His parents emigrated from Finland and Sweden to the United States to be sealed in the temple. Elder Renlund was sustained as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the October 2015 general conference. He was the 100th apostle in the Church's history. He was also a cardiologist and a professor at the University of Utah. He married Ruth Lybbert after his mission to Sweden. They are the parents of one daughter.

Here are some of our favorite pictures of Elder Renlund to celebrate this incredible apostle:

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Elder Renlund as a child. Image from Deseret News

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Elder Renlund and his mission companion Elder Raymond A. Cutler, now a member of the Seventy, preaching the gospel in Sweden. Image from Facebook. 

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Elder Renlund and his family. Image from ChurchofJesusChrist.org.
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Elder Renlund and his wife, Ruth, on their wedding day. Image from ChurchofJesusChrist.org.

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Elder Rasband, Elder Stevenson, and Elder Renlund at a press conference after they were sustained to be the new apostles in October 2015 general conference. Elder Renlund is the 100th apostle called in Church history. Image from Deseret News.
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