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3 Quotes that Prove President Packer was a Prophet


President Boyd K. Packer was one of the most authoritative and straight-forward voices of the Twelve. His masterful teaching ability conveyed gospel truths to all within the sound of his voice, and his powerful testimony taught us about the nature of Christ and His relationship with His disciples. Many have referred to President Packer as a ‘watchtower’, and the warnings and admonitions he has given over the years have proven invaluable to members of the church, particularly at a time with many spiritual challenges. Statements made over 20 years ago by President Packer have proven to be very applicable for our day.

When he discussed open dissension toward leaders of the church.

 President Packer saw a lot of changes during his life, both in the worldly paradigm as well as in the procedures of the church. It was President Packer himself who headed the publication of the 1978 version of the standard works. He understood better than most that change was necessary and ongoing in the church, but he wanted to make something very clear to those who did not approve of the changes being made. With many individuals in our day questioning the actions and statements of the prophets, Elder Packer’s voice rings clear and true for us.

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