30+ Powerful Photos of Baptisms Around the World

by | Jun. 15, 2015

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I’ll never get over just how motivating it was to see the baptismal photos from around the world that lined the halls of the Provo MTC. “Just one soul”, I’d say to myself as I walked on by.

So I had a little ‘throw back Thursday’ and decided again to, go on the hunt to find some of the newest, the rarest and most inspiring baptismal photos from around the world. I love how every photo tells a story.

Thanks and enjoy!


St Vincent 


When missionaries arrived in Nigeria and Ghana, hundreds of Africans were ready to be baptised. In 1978 1,700 people had been baptised and confirmed.


Investigators baptised in a clearing in Micronesia Guam 


St Vincent


An Elder baptising in Vanuatu


Papua New Guinea

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