35 Hilarious Primary Program Fiascos Too Good Not to Share

8. "One of the sweetest that I remember was of my sister, who had left to use the restroom. She came back in running and screaming because it was her favorite song and they had started it without her."
— Melia Solstad
9. "A 5-year-old boy finished his one sentence and got right into the microphone to say, "WOOF!" That kid just started his mission."
— Robert Spencer

10. "One of my Star A boys had a bad cold and sneezed during the program. The sneeze propelled most of the contents of his sinuses right out! He grabbed his tie, wiped the goo off and kept on singing!"
— Dana Brown
11. "Our 4 -year-old granddaughter got up to say what creation she was grateful for. She said, "I am grateful for chocolate." Then paused and leaned in, and said in a very creepy low voice, "Chaaaaaw-cluttttt"! "
— Jane Drury Connolly Jensen
12. "When I was younger, I was seated on the front row of the stand. I was very fidgety, and my teacher was trying to grab the program from me, but I stood up, pulled up my dress, pulled out my tights, shoved my program down in my tights, and sat back down. Bonus: my teenage sister saw it all from the audience and just about died of embarrassment."
— Bethany Jones Seher
13. "My husband and I had a very large class of CTR 7s--16, I think. We were seated on the floor in front of the congregation and under the pulpit. The Sunbeams were just behind us on the stand. One little guy would reach over and rub my husband's shaved head every time they stood up to sing! "
— Kristen Allsop Bearnson
14. "My daughter was 7 or 8 at the time, and she is an attention hog! Always has been, probably always will be. She bounces while she walks and insists on walking with her hands out like a "princess." After all the children were up front and ready, she wiggled her way to right in front of the microphone. I knew it would be bad and motioned for her to move back. She just smirked and waved at me. She then proceeded to give her best American Idol audition. I call it that, as she completely sounds like those horrible singers that are weeded out at the beginning of every singing competition--except worse. She's beautiful and loves people, but she can't sing a single note. She was trying to pull off Christina Aguilera riffs while throwing the rest of the Primary off of their song. Poor kids."
— Toya Schuenke

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