35 Hilarious Primary Program Fiascos Too Good Not to Share

31. "A child who was shy walked up to the front with a blanket on his head covering his face. He sang the entire program, walked to the front to give his scripture, and walked back to his seat after the program with his blanket covering his face. But he did it!"
— Sarah Hancock
32. "Many years ago, when I was Primary president, one little girl about 4 years old sang really loud. The little girl standing in front of her turned and covered her mouth so she couldn't sing."
— Karen Morrison

33. "A little boy right in the front picked his nose. He was holding his sample on his finger and trying to get his dad's attention. After several failed attempts, he finally held his finger high in the air and yelled, 'Dad, I have a BOOGER!' A sheepish dad walked to the front of the chapel, took the booger into a tissue, and walked back to his seat."
— Janene Goubert
34. "Since our program was in October, my son (4 years old) had already purchased Dracula glow-in-the-dark teeth for Halloween and decided to put them in for the program. As I noticed them after the program had already started, I tried my hardest to get his attention to take them out, as his singing was clearly limited by the bulky plastic teeth. He then proceeded to hold the teeth high in the air in his hand and make the teeth sing moving them like a puppet. "
— Anna Lee Harris Bjornn
35. "As a former chorister in several different wards, I've seen so many precious moments. But the one that takes it all was a little CTR 4 trying to remember his scripture but couldn't. Finally, out came, 'Guys, just follow Jesus. He's the best dude around.' The congregation roared "
— Liz Kofoed
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