36 Things You'll Never Hear Someone from Utah Say

by | Jul. 20, 2015


MR says: A pretty funny and accurate observation of Utah life. What else might you never hear a Utahn saying?

1. Mormonism? I don’t have an opinion about it.

2. Sure I can spell Tooele — just sound it out.

3. I didn’t see any car accidents on I-15 all week.

4. I’m really stressed about the population decline in this state — no one seems to be having kids anymore.

5. The air quality alert on the interstate says I shouldn’t drive during rush hour — I’d better turn around and not go to work today.

6. What’s with this powdery snow? I wish we had more ice like the East Coast.

7. I’m putting money on the Jazz winning the NBA Finals this year.

8. I wish there weren’t so many cupcake stores and chocolate bundt cake shops around.

9. It’s great, I can get anywhere I need to go on Utah’s public transportation system.

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