4 Simple Ways to be Surprised by Christmas Again

Do you ever feel like you fall short in your efforts to make Christmas wonderful and special for your family or friends? Do you feel that Christmas is great, but has lost some of its luster and became just “ho-hum,” instead of “ho, ho, ho!” Have you ever watched the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and found yourself secretly rooting for the Grinch against those perfectly sweet, perfectly decorated, and perfectly know-it-all, self-righteous Whos from Whoville?

I imagine most of us have felt some of these feelings (except the part about rooting for the Grinch—you probably shouldn’t admit to that). If you have felt even a little of that this Christmas season, then I want to offer you an invitation. This year I invite you to be surprised by Christmas.

Now I say “surprised” by Christmas, but I could also say be amazed or filled with “wondering awe” by Christmas. And so I would like to share 4 simple things, all starting with the letter “s”, 4 ways that you can be surprised by Christmas this year.

1. Be Surprised By the Symbols—we can see Christ all around us during this season. How often do we stop and notice?

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