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4 Critical Steps for Healing the Wounds of Racism and Realizing Our Divine Potential


LDS author, speaker, and founding member of the Genesis Group Darius Gray provides four key ways members can heal the wounds of racism in their own communities. 

Racial and cultural bias is too widespread in the world. Sadly the practices associated with racism and prejudice have caused deep wounds for many.

As we endeavor to heal the wounds of racism, it is critically important to understand that negative ideas toward others based on racial or cultural differences hurt not only those who are the focus of such an attitude; they hurt the practitioner just as much, if not more. We are Christians, disciples of Christ, yet when we allow the attitudes of the world to infiltrate our minds to the point of blindness about their existence, we limit our progress toward that which our Father expects us to become, and we enter into a sin that often has lasting consequences.

Here are four steps each of us needs to take so that we can all move forward together in our efforts to reach our divine potential.

1. Acknowledge the Problem

Some people don’t recognize that a problem exists. Last fall, following the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, involving white supremacists and counter-protestors, the Church issued two formal statements denouncing racism while advising members and others that they “should be troubled by the increase of intolerance in both words and actions that we see everywhere” (see "Church Issues Statements on Situation in Charlottesville, Virginia," Aug. 13, 2017,

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