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4 Great Spiritual Resolutions & How to Keep Them


If there's one word I dislike more than the others, it might be 'resolutions'. Why? Because I make dozens of them every year and find myself looking at a checklist that's only a tenth of the way checked off by next New Year's. It's completely my fault, I know, but it's still super overwhelming to see how many things I've left undone at the end of the year. Again.

That's why I'm only going to have a few resolutions this next year, and they're going to be resolutions that really count.

Some people will tell you to write resolutions for each category of your life, e.g., physical, mental, social, etc. While I admire that method and have tried it in the past, having so many things to focus on sometimes distracts me from resolutions that are most important, namely spiritual resolutions. Get the spiritual taken care of first and everything else will fall into place, apostles have said. Well, why not experiment upon the word and give it a shot?

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