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4 Ways to Strengthen Your Children for the Last Days


Last month, Mormon Channel continued its series Gospel Solutions for Families and hosted a discussion with host Amy Iverson, Elder Tad R. Callister, and Dina Alexander. The three met to discuss how parents can better prepare their children to stand up in the world and strengthen ties as families.

A special emphasis was placed on using technology wisely and strengthening family ties by spending time together. Here are four ways you can use these topics to strengthen your children for the last days.

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1. Teach Your Children to Be Men and Women of God

“I think that’s our challenge, to keep them focused on returning to God and becoming of men and women of God not men and women of the world,” Elder Callister adds.

He adds that one of the biggest challenges the youth face today using time wisely and that the Lord has commanded us not to be idle.

2. Teach Your Children to Use Technology for Good

“It’s now time to not just say, 'no, no, no,' it’s time to show them the best ways to use technology,” Dina says. "How can we make this ours? Not something we’re just hiding from but something that we want to embrace, to share good works.”

She notes parents need to not only build up a defense from technology but encourage their children to be actively engaged in shaping technology and using it for good.

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3. Be the Example

Elder Callister emphasized the importance of setting an example and parents doing important things like reading scriptures where their children can see them.

Elder Callister shares a story of his father reading by the fireplace, which sparked a desire in him as a youth.

“I don’t think there’s any substitute for example,” he said.

 “If it’s important to us it’s going to be important to our kids,” Dina continues.

4. Spend Quality Family Time Together

Dina shares her family’s tradition of spending time at the dinner table talking. She encourages all families to find a time that works for them, no matter how long, to discuss and spend time together.

Elder Callister reminds all parents to uplift and take special notice of their children.

“I would just say take every opportunity to compliment your children that you can. What a beautiful prayer to be thoughtful about that individual,” Elder Callister said.

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Strengthening Our Kids for the Last Days

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