5 Cool Mormon Women Entrepreneurs You Should Know About

3. Cydni Tetro: 3DplusMe

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There were only three other women who graduated with Cydni Tetro in computer science at BYU in 1996, according to an UtahValley360 article. 

But entering a largely male-dominated field was not a problem for Tetro.

After graduating with 100 job interviews, Tetro accepted a job from Novell, a software services company that became a part of Micro Focus.

After obtaining her MBA, Tetro left Novell in 1999 and became involved with a few start-up companies including NextPage and FamilyLink. 

But Tetro noticed a huge demand for women in her industry to learn from each other and build networks. So in 2007, Tetro spearheaded the Women Tech Council, an organization that helps women in technology-based fields mentor each other. 

As Tetro's career progressed, she landed a job with Disney as a resident entrepreneur before starting her own business in 3D printing—3DplusMe.

And these are no ordinary 3D printers.

Using a face scanner, Tetro's 3D printers capture the likeliness of an individual and transfer it onto on object like a superhero action figure.

In less than two years and about six months on the market, Tetro obtained licensing deals with Marvel and Hasbro and featured her 3D printer at the World Series and the San Diego Comic-Con. 

In January 2016, the world's largest full-color 3D printing services company in the world, WhiteClouds, acquired 3DplusMe.

In 2014 Walmart, Sam's Club, Target, and Toys "R" Us launched the 3D printers. Then, for the 2015 holiday season, Target launched the product in its LA area stores. In addition, the product was offered at the 2016 NFL Super Bowl, 2016 MLB All-Star Game, and Yankee Stadium. 

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