5 Cutest Church-Made Commercials

Even if you’re not the sort of person to laugh out loud, these short LDS commercials are sure to bring a smile to your face with their uplifting message and funny scenarios!

1. Bad Hair Day

Two little girls find a fun and stylish way to get Dad to stay home from bowling night.

2. Miss the Bus

A girl rushes around getting ready for school but misses her bus when she can’t find her backpack. Little did she know that her family was in on the backpack's disappearance, and all for a good reason!

3. Answering Machine

A father can only listen to his golf buddy's message on the answering machine while roughhousing with his kids.

4. Cell Phone

A girl gets distracted talking on the phone while shopping with her friends, but the heartwarming catch comes when her friends find out who she was talking to!

5. Dinner Conversation

A dad helps his son save the universe in the middle of dinner at a fancy restaurant. 

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