4 Epic Church Commercials That Are So '80s

by | Aug. 28, 2015


The Church is pretty good at filming stuff. When the full-length feature Meet the Mormons was released in theaters throughout the country, it was a crowning moment in our long history of cinematic exposure. And let's not forget about Church video campaigns, such as I'm a Mormon and Because He Lives, which have provided our faith with excellent publicity for years. 

But was it always this way?

You need only watch one old Seminary video to realize how far the Church has come in its production quality—though admittedly, much of that is a result of societal advances in technology and presentation. But even if they traded more professional acting and modern fashion trends for a surprising excess of musical numbers, we love the Church videos of yesteryear because they're ours

So in the spirit of another hilarious '80s Church commercial we recently unearthed, here's a list of four more classics. The messages found therein are timeless—even if the wardrobe choices are not.

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