5 Gospel Themes Found in Harry Potter

by | Sep. 19, 2016

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A comforter and strengthener (in the form of a bird)

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Harry’s mentor, the powerful Albus Dumbledore, had a pet—a phoenix named Fawkes—who often played a part in the story’s proceedings. When confronted with an evil wizard and his giant snake, Harry received unexpected and needed assistance from Fawkes, who provided him with a sword, rekindled his courage, and healed his wounds. Four years later, at Dumbledore’s funeral, Fawkes provided comfort to the mourners with a song which brought Dumbledore to fond remembrance in their minds. “And Harry felt . . . that the music was inside him, not without.”

In our efforts to live the gospel and combat evil influences, we are each granted a comforter and strengthener. The influence of the Holy Ghost (who is scripturally referred to as a dove) can heal our wounds, lift our spirits, and, as the phoenix’s song did, direct our minds toward the One who sent it. The Holy Ghost “shall not speak of Himself,” instead testifying to us that Jesus is the Christ in a way that is quiet, sacred, and internal.

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