5 Things Mormons Believe That Many Christians Don't (but That Make So Much Sense)

While we enjoyed the following article, we acknowledge that we can learn much from fellow Christians and other religions. Our hope is to celebrate LDS beliefs, not detract from any other religion or belief.

Mormons are Christians—they believe that Jesus Christ is their Savior. That said, there plenty of Mormon beliefs that go against the grain of many modern sects of Christianity. And as it turns out, they make a whole lot of sense.

1. Mormons believe there are still prophets today.

Mormons believe that God spoke directly to certain individuals in antiquity, such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, etc. They believe he still speaks to certain individuals, called prophets, today. Because, why wouldn’t he?

Some theologians argue that the Bible holds all of the prophetic counsel we’ll ever need. But, respectfully, why? The Bible itself is simply a combination of smaller books that serve as evidence of God speaking to prophets over thousands and thousands of years. Why would he neglect us in modern times? The Mormons say He hasn’t, isn’t and won’t.

This concept really rubs a lot of Christians the wrong way. That said, scripturally, it’s a very rare occasion when people believe in an actual, current prophet. They always seem to believe in the prophets that lived before them, but really struggle to believe in the one standing in front of them. Exhibit A: Jesus Christ himself. The most powerful of all prophets (not to mention, the Savior). The people believed in Moses and Abraham, but crucified Christ.

Despite our mortal shortcomings, Mormons believe that God has provided prophets to us today, just as he did in ancient times. Makes sense, right?

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