5 Things Parents Should Know When Talking to Their Kids About Social Media

How can you give your kids boundaries on social media while still giving them their independence? 

Increasingly, the Church is using new technologies and the popularity of social media to help ensure the messages of the gospel of Jesus Christ are spread to “the uttermost parts of the earth” and are “preached unto every creature” (D&C 58:64), fulfilling prophecies about the spread of missionary work in the last days.

While the Church will continue its efforts to share light and goodness on multiple social channels, parents have the opportunity and responsibility to counsel with their children to determine not only which social channels are appropriate to use in their own homes but also how to use the tools righteously and what safeguards the family will follow.

Establish Family Safeguards

As parents work with their families to establish safeguards for using technology, the following guidelines adapted from the Safeguards for Using Technology booklet for missionaries (available in print and on the Gospel Library app) may be helpful:

  • Be in tune with spiritual promptings. Filters can help protect your family from inappropriate content, but they aren’t effective 100 percent of the time. The best filter is an individual’s own will and desire to make righteous choices, aided by the gift of the Holy Ghost.
  • Be one. Agree as a family to support each other in setting and following safeguards. Don’t use technology when you are alone or when others can’t see your screen. If a family member misuses technology, lovingly work together to evaluate needed changes and strengthen righteous habits.
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