5 Tips from John Bytheway to Understand and Love the Isaiah Chapters

Many people dread reading the Isaiah chapters of the Book of Mormon. There’s no doubt, Isaiah’s writings aren’t the easiest to understand, but John Bytheway helps readers navigate the Isaiah chapters in his book Isaiah for Airheads. Here are five useful tips to help you discover the hidden gems in the Book of Mormon.

1. Change Your Attitude

Our first step is to change our attitude—rather than just “getting through” Isaiah, let’s “get from” Isaiah. Let’s not get bogged down, let’s get fired up! We don’t need to be Hebrew scholars—we are sons and daughters of God with the gift of the Holy Ghost, for crying out loud! Scriptures are a gift from God, and children of God should never be intimidated by scripture. Isaiah is not a trial, it’s a treasure! The fact that you’re reading this book testifies that you’re eager to understand Isaiah and your heart is already prepared.

This change in our attitude makes searching Isaiah a lot more fun. Isaiah is a treasure hunt—it’s a challenge—and there’s a greater sense of satisfaction when you do a little detective work and can finally say, “Hey, I get this, I understand this!”

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