5 Tips to Guard Against Online Pride

by | May 19, 2014

Mormon Life

The public square has gone digital. Ideas, opinions and perspectives (with all their counterarguments) are blasted back and forth across the virtual divide at a frenetic pace.

This contention historically found expression face to face. It is now on a screen, and our response can be immediate, global and, at times, viral and contagious.

In these responses, do we remember our desired emulation of Christ, or do we forget him, pick up our weapons of war and prepare for battle in a virtual arena?

Of all the opinions expressed online, undoubtedly there are those with which you agree or disagree, disregard or even find abhorrent. The question is not whether someone disagrees with you, because for every opinion you cherish, you will undeniably find someone online who vehemently opposes it.

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