5 Underused Parenting Tools for LDS Families

by | Dec. 16, 2014

Mormon Life

Recently I published a post entitled “4 Surprising Mistakes LDS Families Make” which received an overwhelming display of positive feedback and requests for more ideas. Today I examine 5 commonly underused parenting tools that can have a significant and lasting positive effect on our children and families.

1. Be at the Crossroads

As much as possible be fully present for the transition times during your children's day. Infant specialist Magda Gerber wisely said, "Whenever you care, do it with absolutely full attention. If you pay half attention all the time, that's never full attention. [Children] are then always half hungry for attention." [1] 100% attention some of the time is better than 50% attention 100% of the time. It seems it would be wise to divide our time, not our attention.

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