5 Ways to Strengthen Your Faith When It Gets Hard to Believe

Whether you are facing loss, financial struggles, illness, or a faith crisis, there are simple ways to develop a stronger faith to help get you through these trying times.

As believers, there are seasons when we face difficult times that shake us to the core. It may be a serious illness, family crisis or financial hardship. Sometimes during those trials and adversities we rise and stand strong in our faith. But there are other times when our faith is greatly challenged. It can be challenged to the point that fear becomes greater than our faith. Although some circumstances cause us to experience overwhelming feelings of fear for only a short period of time, there are instances when fear begins to linger.

As a result, we begin to walk in fear of the unknowing, instead of walking in our faith and belief in God. There are several scriptures in the bible that remind us to “fear not” because God is with us.

Here are 5 ways to strengthen your faith during difficult times: 


Take some time to reflect on your life and God’s goodness. Suddenly it will be recalled to your memory the many times that God has intervened and turned situations around. You will begin to remember all the times when his grace and mercy were so evident that the outcome of many situations could not be rationalized or attributed to pure coincidence. It was God working on your behalf. The love of God is unchanging, if He has moved on your behalf before, He will without a doubt do it again, so fear not!

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