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5 underrated Church resources that make ‘Come, Follow Me’ more doable than ever

As we wrap up our study of the New Testament in this year’s Come, Follow Me, it’s easy to overlook the sheer number of resources we have available to analyze and apply these verses of scripture to our lives. There are quite literally thousands of years of study and thousands of scholars who have shared insights into the Bible.

The Book of Mormon, though, is a very different animal. The Book of Mormon is scripture unique to Latter-day Saints and as such, inherently comes with fewer resources to help deepen our study.

Luckily for us, the Church has released some brand-new materials and combined existing resources to help us approach our study of the Book of Mormon in 2024 in new, meaningful ways—both individually and as families.

New Come, Follow Me Manual

The Church recently announced that instead of having four separate Come, Follow Me manuals for different groups and purposes, starting in 2024, there will be only one simplified manual. This update makes our study easier and more straightforward, especially as we navigate from personal study and family study to learning or teaching at church each week.

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Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 12.54.35 PM.png

The way the Church has integrated messages directed toward adults, youth, and children is pretty slick. One of my favorite features is this little blue scripture icon (see screenshot). It’s a subtle way of indicating that the passage of the study guide may be particularly helpful or applicable to youth.

For adults doing personal study or teaching Sunday School, the icon is unobtrusive, and they can incorporate that material into their study as usual. But for those teaching youth at home or church, these icons can help direct your lesson planning.

Another great feature? More pictures! There are more images in this new manual, including several full-page ones. Not only are more images a welcome addition for those teaching Come, Follow Me to children, but more images are also great for Latter-day Saints of any age who are visual learners.

This new manual will make our study and lesson prep in 2024 easier than ever. I also like this journal edition of the manual. The spiral binding makes it easier to keep pages open, and the wide, lined margins are ideal for taking notes.

New Book of Mormon Stories for Children


The version previously available was originally published in 1978 and is due for a refresh. In the new edition, the completely redone illustrations look more like what you might find in a children’s comic book. They are colorful and engaging. In the printed version, the images are also larger than what was found in the older book, making them easier to use during lessons or family study.

This book would be a helpful resource for parents to introduce scripture study and help children of any age understand the narrative of the Book of Mormon.

Using this resource with something like this Book of Mormon Timeline will help children (and let’s be honest—adults) better understand all the different stories found in the Book of Mormon and how they fit together.

New “Book of Mormon Videos”

Again, anything visual will be useful in understanding and soaking in the stories of the Book of Mormon. Videos help us slow down and really visualize the stories of the scriptures, giving us more time to ponder what is happening. The current videos are great, and it will be interesting to see how the new videos help us find new and deeper insights into the Book of Mormon.

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The Book of Mormon App

This app isn’t a new resource, but I think it’s underutilized by many Latter-day Saints. Not only does it have the full text of the format in a simple, easy-to-read format, but with lots of videos and explanatory articles, the Book of Mormon app is also great for those who are newer to the text or want to deepen their testimony of the fundamental reasons why this book of scripture matters today.

My favorite feature is the Daily Verse section. Each day, it features one short passage from the Book of Mormon for you to read and ponder. The best part? You can set up Daily Verse notifications so that you don’t have to remember to open the app every day.

Screenshot from the Daily Verse section of the Book of Mormon app.

A meaningful passage of scripture selected and delivered to my phone every day? Familiarizing myself with the precious messages of the Book of Mormon really can’t get much easier than that.

The Gospel Library App

Obviously, the Gospel Library app has been around for a while, but the Church recently pointed out some features that I hadn’t known about before and am excited to use.

For instance, you can set up notifications to remind you to complete your scripture study. There is also a widget that can help users track their daily study, which is the feature I'm most eager to start using.

Much like the psychology behind popular learning programs like Duolingo, visual representations of my progress help keep me personally motivated to keep going and not break my streak.


Similar to the Daily Verse feature of the Book of Mormon app, in the Gospel Library app, you can set up notifications to send you a verse each day from that week’s Come, Follow Me. Now that I know that feature exists, I have already set it up. Keeping up with Come, Follow Me seems more doable now than ever.

And for those who prefer to supplement the features of the Gospel Library app with an analog approach to scripture study, these journal editions of the Book of Mormon provide lots of room to make handwritten comments, illustrations, or other types of notations as you study.

Book of Mormon 2024 Come, Follow Me Journal Edition

In 2024, home-centered gospel learning will be focused on The Book of Mormon through Come, Follow Me. This journal edition contains all the same information, study guides, and prompts as traditional copies of the manual—with the added bonus of wide, lined margins for taking personal notes! You can now easily record your impressions and experiences as you study. Designed to be lightweight, convenient to carry, and easy to write in, this journal edition is also spiral-bound and paperback.

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