Latter-day Saint Life

5 Important Things to Realize About a Crisis of Faith

In a religion that so constantly emphasizes “knowing”, being faced with the struggle of even believing can be heart-wrenching. We are told in Luke 22 that when we are converted, we should strengthen others. But sometimes we do a crappy job of that, due to misunderstandings and a lack of compassion. Here are things we need to all keep in mind when trying to help someone going through a faith crisis.

1. “Faith crisis” is not synonymous with “burdened by sin.”

A common attitude toward the faith crises of others is assuming that they must be sinning—doing something to drive the spirit out of their lives. This is simply not a judgment we are capable of making. I’ve known many people who go through periods of doubt, and they still hold fast to the commandments and standards the gospel and the Church has asked us to adopt. Some simply have to go through darkness for a while in order to gain more light.

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