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5 Latter-day Saint quotes for when you’re struggling to receive revelation

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In his recent book, The Spirit of Revelation, Elder Bednar compares learning how to receive revelation to learning how to swim. He says, “When we are learning how to swim, almost all of us start out being terrified. We do not know what to expect; we do not know what to do. We first learn how to hold our breath, how to float, and how to perform a few basic strokes. As we gradually gain experience and confidence, and as our strokes improve, eventually we just begin to move through the water. ... Just as we can learn to quit worrying about how to swim, we can come to a point where we stop worrying about whether or not we are receiving personal revelation.”

But in the meantime, as you‘re learning to swim spiritually, if you find yourself far from the Spirit, here are five motivating quotes to help you to keep trying to hear the Holy Ghost in your life.

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