5 New Twists for Your Wedding Celebration

1. The Sparkler Send-Off

5 New Twists for Your Wedding Celebration

Instead of throwing rice when the new couple prepares to leave, hold a sparkler send-off.

Print announcement of the send-off on 4 x 6 inch pieces of heavy-weight cardstock. Include the bride and groom’s name, time of the send-off, favorite phrase to cheer, and any other instructions you’d like.

Cut two slits, one at the top and one at the bottom of the announcement. Slide one sparkler through the slits. Arrange sparklers and announcements in a vintage bucket or basket. Have helpers ready with torch lighters just before the time of the send-off.
This works best with large sparklers, but could be easily done with standard sparklers and a smaller announcement attached. Perfect for all ages.

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2. Coffee Filter Roses

5 New Twists for Your Wedding Celebration

Roses are expensive, but add such beauty to wedding celebrations. Try your hand at creating these simple roses made from coffee filters. You can dye them to match any décor and create bouquets, boutonnieres, hang from the backdrops or ceiling, wreaths, and more.

To create a rose like this one, (insert picture here) follow these instructions:
For each rose, gather three four-cup and three eight- to twelve cup unused basket-style coffee filters. Dye them using a few drops of food coloring in a bowl of water. Dip and then dry.

Stack the three large filters together. Flatten them out, then fold in half and in half again to form a triangular wedge. Using scissors, cut along the open end of the triangle to create a scalloped line. Do the same with the three small filters.

Open the cut filters and place the small stack on top of the large stack. With your fingers, pinch the underside of the stack in the center, where the folds meet, which will cause the filters to crinkle together. Using a stapler, staple just above where your fingers have pulled the filters together.

Turn the flower over and open up the filters. Beginning with the outermost filter, gather the filter at the base and pinch around the base to pull the circle tighter, forming ruffles and petal-like fullness. Repeat with each of the six filters, gathering them at the base and pinching along the bottom to create a stem-like bump on the bottom.

Wind masking tape around the base to hold the shape. Fluff out the flower.

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3. Place Card Conversation Starters

5 New Twists for Your Wedding Celebration

Need place cards for your wedding breakfast? These place cards spice up the otherwise boring name placard with fun quotes and questions.

Print quotations along the bottom of place cards for great conversation starters.
Example: “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one.” —Chinese proverb
Click here for the full tutorial.

4. A Twist on the Ring Pillow

5 New Twists for Your Wedding Celebration

Make the ring ceremony unique by tying wedding rings to a vintage or family heirloom Bible. Use ribbons that match the wedding colors, twine, or lace. The bride and groom can untie the rings and present the symbol of eternal love to one another.

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5.  A Guest Book with Wedding Question Cards

5 New Twists for Your Wedding Celebration

Spice up your guest book with these memory-making questions. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to sign in the guest book. This idea provides inspiration and a creative twist to the traditional guest book.

Create six to eight questions that members of the wedding party can answer about the bride and groom (questions that encourage brief answers are best). Print one question each on a sheet of cardstock.

In place of just signing a guest book, encourage guests to pick a question to answer and then sign. Some examples of questions:

“What is the best marriage advice you have ever received?”

“What is the most romantic place we should visit?”

“What should we name our kids?”

“Where do you see us in twenty-five years?”

Click here for the full tutorial.

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Rachelle J. Christensen is a writer and stay at home mom to five cute kids. Her latest novel, Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things, is now available at Deseret Book.

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