Rachelle J. Christensen

October 16, 2019 08:47 AM MDT
I was taught, as were many girls, that you should always say yes to a boy who asks you to a dance and even a casual date. Although times have changed, that idea still persists, and while on the surface it seems great, I want to explore what we are teaching our teens—both girls and boys—when we enforce that rule.
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June 01, 2019 08:59 AM MDT
The following article originally ran on LDS Living in 2015.
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January 06, 2019 10:09 PM MST
Recently, President Nelson encouraged all women of the Church, “I urge you to study the current Relief Society purpose statement. It is inspiring. It may guide you in developing your own purpose statement for your own life. I also entreat you to savor the truths in the Relief Society declaration published almost 20 years ago.” Here's how we can get more from the Relief Society declaration and create our own declarations to change our lives for the better.
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December 02, 2018 10:08 PM MST
President Nelson issued an invitation in the October general women’s session inviting all to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. If you’re like me, the task may seem daunting, but with inspiration and creativity to guide us, we can reignite the fire of possibility to complete this goal.
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August 16, 2018 09:15 AM MDT
When one of my friends announced on social media that she no longer had a testimony of the Church, I was shocked and saddened. A few months later I met up with another good friend who told me that she and her entire family had left the Church. I felt profound grief, confusion, and loss for these friends, and I struggled to understand and reconcile my feelings. How would their choices affect the future of our friendship?
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March 28, 2018 06:08 PM MDT
In this time when our bodies are portrayed as imperfect and unworthy, learn how you can help your daughters find their own real beauty in an unrealistic world.
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September 03, 2016 04:05 PM MDT
Our youth are magnificent, but we need to tap into their potential, ensuring that they will grow to love the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some or all of these tips may help your teen to get more out of their church attendance.
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July 23, 2014 04:00 AM MDT
1. The Sparkler Send-Off
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September 03, 2013 04:23 AM MDT
20 Helpful Hints for Raising a Family in Our Economy
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November 15, 2012 05:04 AM MST
The Case of the Christmas Advertisement
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November 01, 2012 04:04 AM MDT
10 Tips
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October 16, 2012 04:05 AM MDT
When I discovered I was pregnant with my first baby, each day was filled with joyful planning of the day when I could hold a soft newborn. Then about eleven weeks into my pregnancy, I began spotting.
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August 02, 2012 04:05 AM MDT
1. Buffer time. Always in a hurry to get out the door? Set the mood before church by allowing extra time to get ready. When you rush it is difficult to feel the Spirit. Play church music while you get ready or hum a hymn. You’ll probably still have to play the “hurry up!” game, but it will be much more pleasant.
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