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5 quotes on the life, miracles, and love of Jesus Christ

During uncertain and turbulent times in our lives, we all could use an opportunity to deepen our relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ. To kick-start your rejuvenation, here are five quotes from Elder Neil L. Andersen’s latest book, Jesus Is The Christ, on the life, miracles, and love of the Savior. We hope these words will help you feel inspired to reconnect with Christ and involve Him more in your everyday life.

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“Jesus opened the door of eternity that brings us back into the Father’s presence. This door will never be shut again.”


“If we are given but one word to describe our Savior, that word is love. The Apostle John thoughtfully declared, ‘God is Love.’”


“His life was not just a good life, an exemplary life, a noble life. His life is The Life that gives every person born on earth the gifts that open the doors to everlasting life in the presence of God. This is the miracle of miracles. The miracle of Jesus Christ.”


“The Savior’s miracles demonstrated His power over death and disease, over sin and evil spirits, and over the elements. Truly He has power over all things.”


“Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, receiving His grace, becoming His disciple, and choosing to live as He taught is a spiritual journey that brings purpose in living, courage in challenges, peace in tragedy, and hope and direction for the road ahead, even when it seems long and hard. Faith in Jesus Christ brings the sweet assurance of the eternal joy that awaits us.”

Jesus Is The Christ

Jesus Is the Christ is an invitation for all people across the earth to come to know Christ. Whether you are a lifelong follower of Christ or are just discovering who He is, this book will offer you inspiration and learning about the Savior of the World. In this powerful and concise volume, Elder Neil L. Andersen provides an overview of the Lord’s life and ministry and bears fervent testimony of His Atonement and Resurrection. The author also beautifully explains how Jesus Christ’s divine love heals and transforms us, allowing us to “see the unseeable, believe the unbelievable, and know with a confidence that is impossible to fully explain. . . . His holy light illuminates our brightest days and penetrates our darkest nights, glorifying the love we share, the peace we seek, and the joy we feel.” All readers are invited to come to better know the Lord Jesus Christ and to understand the blessings and impact of His singular life and matchless love. As we place our faith and trust in Him, we will be prepared for the days ahead and be filled with his love and peace.

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