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5 Talks You Need to Read with Your Valentine That Will Help You Build Eternal Love


Nothing will strengthen you love and your relationship like the words of the Lord's chosen prophets and apostles. So, for this Valentine's Day, instead of gifts that easily fade, make your gift to the one you love a better understanding of the beautiful relationship you share together.

When we were engaged and newly married, we received a lot of advice on how to be successful in marriage. Some of it was good, some was not so good. We did some research and reading ourselves too. Each new thing we read offered helpful and inspiring insights into the new world of marriage. The 5 Love Languages gave us secular knowledge and a better understanding of one another, and Between Husband & Wife: Gospel Perspectives on Marital Intimacy respectfully taught us about the wonderful unknown of marriage. 

In the end, some of the most helpful lessons have come from reading the inspired messages in the Ensign and words of prophets and apostles. Together, we decided to share five LDS talks and articles that have taught us lessons about marriage and love. We hope that you can gain something from them too. Enjoy.

The Marriage That Endures — Gordon B. Hinckley

“Every man who truly loves a woman, and every woman who truly loves a man, hopes and dreams that their companionship will last forever. But marriage is a covenant sealed by authority. If that authority is of the state alone, it will endure only while the state has jurisdiction, and that jurisdiction ends with death. But add to the authority of the state the power of the endowment given by Him who overcame death, and that companionship will endure beyond life if the parties to the marriage live worthy of the promise.”

Strengthen your love with Love Is a Choice.

We all know that actions speak louder than words. We may say “I love you,” but do our actions back up that claim? Elder Lynn G. Robbins teaches us that love is more than a feeling — it is a commitment, a promise to be responsible, respectful, and responsive to the needs and experiences of other. And like any other action we undertake, perfecting the act of love requires a lifetime of practice and good choices.


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