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5 Tips to Remember When Discussing Controversial or Touchy Subjects with Your Kids


In a recent interview on Mormon Channel, host Amy Iverson, first counselor in the Young Men General Presidency Douglas D. Holmes, and family blogger Britney Mills conversed about how to help kids discuss controversial topics in a respectful way. Here are some of their best tips about engaging in conversations about touchy subjects while taking a stand but also remaining understanding.

1. Remember they are children of God.

“So much, I think, of this issue that you're addressing here in this discussion relates to that. That we really see other people and value who they are as children of God. And not put labels on them and not stereotype them.” –Douglas D. Holmes

2. Remember all people are multi-faceted.

“To know that whatever people’s opinions are, that isn't the whole of them. … I think just remembering, 'OK, that’s their position on that.' Well, try to find a different way to approach them or to relate to them. … I think by finding a different way to connect, instead of going after the topic that’s controversial . . . You know, maybe they have kids and you can talk about kids. Or maybe they have had some other experience that you can relate to in their life.” –Britney Mills

3. Be a disciple of Christ.

“Disciples are characterized, more than anything by love. The first two great commandments that we all know is the mark of real discipleship and how we treat other people. So it begins, I think, with being real disciples.” –Douglas D. Holmes

4. Apologize quickly.

"I think one of the best things we can do is be really quick to apologize. When we lose it, when we blow up. If there’s any Christlike thing, it is [being] very quick to feel remorse, to sincerely and genuinely take responsibility.” –Douglas D. Holmes

5. Talk to your kids about hard topics.

“We had a lesson in Relief Society and Priesthood combined one time and a guy was talking to us about: talk to your kids about everything. Even if you feel uncomfortable about it, they need to know they can come to you.” –Britney Mills

Watch the full interview below:

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