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51 Questions that Mormonism Answers More Easily & Completely Than Any Other Religion

As I consider each of the various arguments against Mormonism, my mind always comes back to the many questions that Mormon doctrine seems to answer with ease. These questions….and their answers form what I consider to be a doctrinal “Mormon Superstructure”.

I haven’t found any other religion that can logically answer these basic questions. This fact alone keeps my interest in the Mormon faith piqued.

So here are 51 questions that have helped me form that superstructure . You don’t have to read them all. Pick one or two or ten…and it might just make cause you to stop and talk with those missionaries just a little longer next time.

1. There are 50,000+ Christian denominations. Why are they not one church? (Eph 4:5)

2. If the Bible has obvious contradictions, then how can it be viewed as the final and infallible word of God by Christians? (Acts 9:7, Acts 22:9)

3. Does the Bible say anywhere in it that there will not be any more prophets or any additional scriptures?

4. There are various letters from Paul and others that were not included in the Bible. Who gets to decide what goes into the Bible and what gets left out?

5. Did we live as premortal spirits before we came to earth? (Jer 1:5, Job 38:7)

6. Who was “God” talking to when He said “Let us” make man in “our” image and after “our” likeness? (Genesis 1:26-27)

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