6 Family History FHE Ideas

These family home evening ideas will help your family learn more about your extended family and start building bonds with parents, grandparents, and ancestors.

How to prepare for a family home evening:

The following family home evening ideas take little or no preparation. The ideas can be combined to make a longer family home evening activity. You may want to assign members of your family to prepare a song, scripture, and spiritual thought to go with an activity.

FHE Idea #1: Can You Hear Them?


Connect with extended family through pictures.


1. Watch the video: Preserve Your Photos and Family Memories?

- What were the photos saying to the children?

- What might the people in the photos say to their grandkids or other family members?

2. Using your computer or tablet, look at photos of your family that others may have added to FamilySearch.org. 

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