6 LDS Bullet Journal Ideas to Track Your Spiritual Growth This Year

If you haven't jumped on the bullet journal bandwagon yet, you may want to watch this tutorial first.

Next, a word of caution: Don't let all of the creative ideas online make you feel like you have to be an artistic genius, use state-of-the-art pens, or devote hours a day to carefully crafted spreads. This is not the case. Keep your bullet journal functional first, and creative second.

Now that you're caught up, here are a few ways you might use your bullet journal to help aid you in your spiritual goals and growth this year. 

Track Your Scripture Study

Using a "tracker," as they are affectionately called in the bullet-journaling world, can be a great way to create daily habits and keep tabs on progress. Whether you want a clever way to mark that you've done your scripture study for the day or would rather trace your progress through the study of a certain book of scripture or certain topics, here are a few creative ways you can use your bullet-journal to aid in developing this important habit:

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