6 LDS Bullet Journal Ideas to Track Your Spiritual Growth This Year

Develop Holy Habits

Sometimes it's nice to be able to keep tabs on the essentials. A classic "habits tracker," which has been applied to the bullet journal all over the web, might be just what you need. In your bullet journal, make a grid with days of the week or month along one axis, and the spiritual habits you want to work on along the other. Then, if you've done the habit, check or color in the box. A few examples of the kinds of habits you could track: Image title

  • Scripture study
  • Prayers
  • Temple attendance
  • Home or visiting teaching
  • Journal writing
  • Acts of service
  • Studying the Sunday School/Priesthood/Relief Society Lesson
  • Family history or indexing
  • Tasks to fulfill callings
  • Reading a general conference talk
  • Sharing your testimony
  • Fasting
  • Writing a missionary 
  • Being on time to church
  • Paying tithing 
  • Day without _____ (coffee, inappropriate movies, etc.) 
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