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6 epic Cosmo the Cougar moments we will never forget

There is no denying that BYU mascot Cosmo the Cougar has some pretty incredible tricks up his sleeve, and he is not afraid to show them off in front of a crowd. In honor of National Mascot Day—and in support of the 2020 Mascot National Champion—here are six of our favorite Cosmo the Cougar moments captured on video.

In what some consider the video that started it all, Cosmo and the BYU Cougarettes went viral for their perfectly choreographed dance routine in 2017. To date the video has over 12 million views on YouTube, with millions more on TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter.

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During the 2022 football season, Cosmo showed off his incredible strength as he scaled three folding tables in pushup position. The feat of athleticism impressed fans and media alike, with CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame retweeting the video, commenting on Cosmo's “unmatched athletism” and saying he's “on another level.”

@cosmo_cougar GOIN 🆙 #trending #fyp #stunt #mascot #canttouchthis #up #football #espn ♬ U Can't Touch This

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Even in the midst of the pandemic, Cosmo still found ways to entertain and uplift BYU fans. In 2020, Cosmo was careful to isolate inside a literal bubble as he rolled down the Lavell Edwards Stadium bleachers onto the field in this lighthearted and safer-than-usual stunt.

@cosmo_cougar 2020 can’t stop me from STUNTin’ #fyp #foryoupage #trending #cosmocougar ♬ original sound - Ballislife

In 2016, Cosmo literally jumped out of an airplane. Of course, it was with the help of a team of professional skydivers, but still an impressive feat any way you look at it!

Last Christmas, Cosmo the Cougar gave us his heart by climbing up the bell tower on BYU campus and playing “Carol of the Bells” for the whole campus to hear.

In 2020, Cosmo nailed an epic basket toss dunk from beyond the three-point line at a BYU men's basketball game. Comments on the video include messages like, “Why did I think they were gonna throw THE MASCOT into the basket?!” “Cosmo has been, and always will be, the most athletic and talented mascot in the history of sports,” and “That’s the most impressive mascot related thing I’ve ever seen. Actually scratch that, just in general one of the most impressive things I’ve seen.”

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