7 Ways to Become More Passionate About the Book of Mormon

I know that when I am passionate about something I make it a priority, can talk about it FOREVER, and want to share it with everyone. I have also found that while most of the time that passion might not be shared, people get excited because I’m excited. I think this is how we need to treat and feel about the Book of Mormon, with passion. ... How do we show and get that passion?

Through our priorities. There has been a lot of emphasis on real intent lately, and while having a desire is the first step, our real intent will show through in our priorities. I took some points from President Benson’s talk “Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon” and added a few of my own to come up with 7 ways we can make the Book of Mormon a priority:

[. . .]

Look for gospel messages in movies and books, whether they are intended or not. This might seem like a silly one, but it is something I really enjoy doing because it helps me naturally be able to explain the gospel to my friends by being able to relate it to something I know we have both seen or read.

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