7 Devastatingly Funny Addictions Nearly All Mormons Struggle with


How many of you struggle with these funny but accurate addictions?

Addictions come in many forms. Some are serious and seemingly impossible to overcome. Some are more subtle and ultimately benign.

Here are seven addictions relevant to Latter-day Saints that you may be affected by, and that need to be eradicated.

Asking the singles why they’re not married yet.

This question is a sickness ravaging congregations across the globe. It is usually intended as a compliment, meant to be interpreted as, “You’re legitimately an awesome person, it’s not you, it’s them.” It doesn’t come across that way. All too often it is interpreted as, “Wow, you’re like 27 now aren’t you? You don’t even have a girlfriend? What the heck are you doing wrong? Well, are you putting yourself out there?”


Singing louder than everyone else. Combined.

The first time is fun, but then the attention goes straight to your head. Nobody stops you because it’s Sacrament Meeting and people are trying to be Christlike. They’re trying to develop patience and by gosh if you’re not giving them that opportunity. We love you. We support your desire to quit. So, please do. Sing like a normal person.


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