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7 inspiring books for youth and young adults going back to school


The youth of today are facing tougher spiritual challenges than ever before—challenges that can cause confusion and doubt. Here are seven books to inspire and guide your youth on the covenant path and continually remind them of their divine potential.

Now Is Your Time

Sure to instill confidence and inspire faith, this message from a beloved prophet will help youth and young adults boldly progress on the path the Lord has in store for them.

Making Sense of Your Patriarchal Blessing

Making Sense of Your Patriarchal Blessing shares the historical background of how patriarchal blessings came about in the Church as well as principles and perspectives for understanding your patriarchal blessing.

Daily Joy

This dynamic collection of thoughts for each day of the year from President Russell M. Nelson is certain to motivate and inspire us in our pursuit of spiritual strength. Containing 365 quotations and accompanying scriptures for daily reading, this small, carry-along sized book will fit in a purse, briefcase, or backpack.

The Holy Invitation

You may feel a little intimidated when you're preparing to enter the temple for the first time. Fortunately, this book can help. It offers answers about the endowment by providing a frame for you to understand the purposes and procedures of its ordinances.

How Do I Know If I Know?

As you read this book, you may discover that your testimony is stronger than you thought, and you'll also become more excited and motivated to let your light shine!

Moroni’s Guide to Surviving Turbulent Times

In this book, best-selling author John Bytheway suggests that Moroni's last words were both intensely personal and universally applicable.

How To Be Totally Miserable

Some people are experts at feeling rotten. No matter what happens, they can always find a cloud attached to their silver lining. How do they do that? How do miserable people get that way? This book has the answers! However, while musing on methods for misery, you may also discover the highway to happiness.

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