72-Year-Old LDS Artist Still Creating Impressive, Non-Traditional Work

by | Jan. 06, 2016

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Wayne Kimball, a retired BYU professor, is a master of a dying art form known as lithography. His work has been exhibited in all 50 states and throughout Europe.

When you arrive at Wayne Kimball’s Springville home, you expect Andy Warhol; you get Fred MacMurray. The man who greets you at the door, dressed in khakis and a plaid shirt, is tall, welcoming and soft-spoken. Instead of eccentric, you get Man Next Door.

There are grandchildren playing on the floor inside, and his wife is resting in a chair. Kimball is the father of eight children and an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who served a two-year church mission in his youth. You'd never know it from his art, which is certainly not what you think of when you picture Mormon art.

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His renderings are incredibly detailed, colorful, dreamlike collages that feature oddly juxtaposed images: horse heads and ancient statuary and leopard rugs and floating hands and potted plants and heads on a pole and a wooden chair and birds. They are tapestries of puzzles.

Images from the Deseret News
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