8 Famous People Who Became Mormons

Glenn Beck

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photo courtesy of Glenn Beck

After overcoming years of drug and alcohol addiction, radio and TV show personality Glenn Beck got his life together. Then he met and fell in love with Tania, the woman who would become his second wife--but she wouldn't marry him until they found a religion.

The couple, along with Beck's two daughters from his previous marriage, began attending every kind of church they could find. So when longtime friend and business partner Pat Gray found out, he insisted that they give The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a try.

"Mary [Beck's oldest daughter, who has cerebral palsy] was the first one to feel the Spirit," says Beck. "As we were walking out of the chapel, there was a Dunkin' Donuts coffee calling my name. The girls didn't like the church tour at all, but Mary asked, 'Can we go back there?' It stopped us dead in our tracks. She said, 'I just feel so warm inside.'" Glenn agreed to keep going until someone said something that made him mad, which he thought was sure to happen. But it didn't happen, and soon Beck was seriously investigating the Church.

Gray baptized Beck on October 23, 1999. By joining the Church, Beck finally found meaning in his life and a new outlook.

"The great thing about the gospel is that we know the end of the story," he says. "My perspective has totally changed."

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