8 Ways You May Already be a Missionary Without Realizing It

by | Jul. 31, 2014

Makes You Think

Sweat dripped down my temples as I walked under the blazing African sun, 10,000 miles away from home. I reached into my back pocket, grabbed my handkerchief and patted my forehead dry. Elder Mohale and I guessed the temperature as we walked to our next appointment. The humidity and heat was all worth it because we were on our way to help a man with his smoking addiction.

This is missionary work that goes hand in hand with a name badge and two years away from home. But the type I’d like to talk about is the missionary work you can do right now. Every single day.

Here’s 8 ways to be a missionary without even realizing it.

1. Be a good friend

The other day I was talking to a friend from a different church. I've known him for a couple months and had never asked about his religious beliefs. I felt the time was right and asked him about his faith. I showed genuine interest in him. 

But guess what?

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