8 Ways to Embarrass Your Kids (In a Good Way!)

What are some other ways you can embarass your kids in the best kind of ways?

I read somewhere on the internet that parents embarrass their children 14 times a week. I don’t know about the statistical accuracy of the statement, but I believe that we can all remember a time in our adolescence when we felt our cheeks burn red after some comment, outfit, or dance move.

Parents embarrass their kids; that’s just a law of nature. It is widely accepted and expected. In most instances, it is viewed as a bad thing. But here, I hope to explain a few ways to embarrass your kids in a good way, and I will even try to prove that it is important to do so. Keep in mind that this is coming from the perspective of a young adult not too far removed from those embarrassing grade school days.

Put Notes in the Lunch Box

“By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” (Alma 37:6) Really and truly, putting note in a lunch box is just a small effort that can go a long, long way. It doesn’t have to say much, just a simple “love you” written in sharpie on the zip lock bag shows extra effort. Every kid loves a surprise, and the kids who might poke fun at it are really just jealous.

Find Gospel Principles in Everything

It used to drive me crazy how my mother could tie anything to some gospel principle and lesson. Any infomercial was subject to become an analogy for that day’s gospel topic. Any conversation could start off with a joke and turn into a testimony meeting. The thing is, she looks for gospel truths in every aspect of her life. That isn’t embarrassing; it is admirable. And since we are here on this earth to learn, progress, and prepare to meet God (Alma 12:24), we should take advantage of every learning opportunity (Proverbs 22:6).

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