8 Ways to Transform Sunday into the Sabbath

by | Aug. 08, 2014

Mormon Life

The difference between Sunday and the Sabbath may seem subtle. But understanding the variance will change everything.

Sunday is the day of the week named after the pagan worship of the sun. It is a time for ourselves. We feel we have to cram in all the fun with what’s left of the weekend. After all, Monday’s around the corner and then back to work we go.

On the other hand, the Sabbath is a holy day. A day of worship. A day of rest. Society and culture have even attempted to cloud our minds and make us forget that it’s one of the original 10 commandments. It’s absolutely necessary for our worship to understand the difference and act on that knowledge.

1. Wake up early

I have noticed that every time I sleep in or rush myself in the morning it becomes difficult to feel the Holy Spirit in church meetings, most especially to focus my mind on the Savior during the sacrament.

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