8 Fun Last-Minute Mutual and YSA Activities That Will Look Like You've Been Planning Them for Weeks


Whether your guest speaker backs out or you simply run out of time to plan anything elaborate, if you find yourself fumbling for something fun and productive to do for Mutual or a YSA ward activity, check out these fast and fun activities.

1. Mormon-Themed Escape Room

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Escape rooms are all the rage right now, so what better way to get kids excited about coming to an activity than by building one yourself? I know, I know—you are probably thinking planning an elaborate escape room scenario is too time-consuming or complicated to do on your own, which is why Get Out Games created one for you. Designed to be set up in an LDS meetinghouse, this escape room scenario is centered around the 2018 Mutual theme "Peace in Christ" and features media clips and scriptures as part of the clues. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the rules and gather a few props. Click here to download the instructions or learn more about it.

2. Scriptionary

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You play this game just like Pictionary, except all the options are stories, objects, or people from the scriptures; for example, Noah and the Ark, Abinadi, or the Liahona. If you have a few minutes beforehand, you can brush up on the rules of Pictionary and print out clue cards, or just make them up on the fly!

3. Frisbee Tic Tac Toe


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Tic Tac Toe may seem like the simplest game in the world, but it becomes much more of a challenge when you play it with frisbees!

Buy a cheap tablecloth or shower curtain, and use cheap colored tape to make a Tic Tac Toe grid. You'll need about 10 Frisbees for this, so you can either buy them in two colors (to divide them between the two teams), or you can use Frisbees of various colors that have Xs and Os on them made with colored tape.

Have the teams stand behind a line and take turns trying to get their frisbees into rows of three. It's harder than you think!

For more Frisbee games, check out Frisbee Golf or Frisbee Dodgeball. Frisbees can be used for all sorts of competitions! 

4. Mormonad Night

Split the youth into groups. Give each group 20-30 minutes to create their own Mormonad using a scripture or favorite quote from a general authority, then present them to each other. If they are having difficulty coming up with one, suggest scripture masteries or give them some other ideas to get started with. The youth can then take the posters home, or if appropriate, can give them to less-active youth in your area. 

5. Human Foosball


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This game is just like tabletop foosball, but with real people! 

You'll need PVC pipe, duct tape, a soccer ball, and at least ten people to play this. Start by duct taping your PVC pipe together to make several long poles (the length depends on the size of the area where you're playing, and the number of people you're playing with). Evenly place the poles across your playing area, and mark the poles' positions on either side with cones or tape (depending on the surface). Players holding onto that pole can't step outside of the marked area. 

Designate a goal at either end of the playing area. Each team has a goalie who can use their hands, but everyone else must have at least one hand on their pole at all times. Set up the teams like a foosball table team (see this diagram for help), and go at it! 

6. Water Balloon Volleyball


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This game is simple to put together and is great for building teamwork!

Divide into two teams, and volley a water balloon over the net using only towels and blankets held between teammates. The team that lets the balloon fall to the ground or break loses a point. You will get wet!

This game can have a lot of variety. You can play with only one water balloon, or use two to make it extra challenging. You can have teammates pair up and hold a towel between them, or have the whole team use a single large blanket. Make sure to have lots of water balloons on hand because it can get pretty crazy!

7. Pass the Pudding


This game is super messy, so have your youth dress appropriately! Divide your youth into pairs, and have them lay on their backs so that the tops of their heads touch and their feet point in opposite directions. Everyone gets a pudding cup and a spoon, but you can't eat your own—your partner has to feed you! This game is best played on the grass because even with good communication and superb coordination, everyone's bound to get pudding all over the place!

8. Water Gun Painting


Photo and instructions from Somewhat Simple

If you're looking for a summery, outdoor craft project, this one is great! 

Find a few cheap water guns and fill them with a 50/50 mixture of water and Tempra paint. Set out a drop cloth to protect the lawn, and make sure it's okay for the surrounding area (and whatever's supporting your canvases) to get paint on it. 

Prop up a canvas for each of your youth (you can find them fairly cheap at Hobby Lobby) and let them create something unique with squirt gun paint! You can provide painter's tape for the youth to make cool designs. Just make sure to let the paint dry completely before you remove the tape!


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