80-Year-Old Former BYU Roommates Reunite After 60 Years


Have you stayed in touch with your college roommates? One group of women who roomed at BYU together in the '50s still have a strong bond after all these years.

Six former BYU roommates proved that graduation doesn’t have to be the end of friendships when they had a special reunion to celebrate their 80th birthdays last month.

Kay Hansen, Joan Davenport, Betty Moody JoAnne Elmer, Dorene Sheldon and Sharon Senecal lived together in Heritage Halls during the ’50s. From Sept. 26-30, these six women vacationed together in Lincoln Beach, Oregon.

Senecal, who did a majority of the planning, said this was an event they had hoped to do for years. In the past they had gotten together for an evening or a lunch hour. They once stayed at someone’s house for a couple days and they toured BYU in 2010 before their old dorm was demolished, but this Oregon trip was their biggest reunion yet.

Lead image from The Daily Universe.
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