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9 quotes from the worldwide Relief Society devotional that are too good to gloss over

Female leaders from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wave during a prerecorded segment from the worldwide Relief Society broadcast on March 16, 2024.
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Last night’s worldwide Relief Society devotional and testimony meeting felt like a true celebration—in the most sincere words possible—of the goodness, kindness, tenacity, love, resilience, power, influence, and awesomeness of united, Christlike women.

Here are nine of my favorite quotes and one-liners from this incredible meeting you won’t want to miss.

No matter where I serve in the Church, the Relief Society will be my home.
President Emily Belle Freeman
As His covenant daughters, we are a conduit through which Jesus Christ provides His relief.
President Camille N. Johnson
My dear sisters, you belong to a Church which offers all its women priesthood power and authority from God!
Sister J. Anette Dennis
Generations coming after us will be influenced by the choices we are making now. Let us choose a deeply connected covenant relationship with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so that we can invite Their power, Their strength, and Their relief more fully into our lives.
Sister J. Anette Dennis
As a sister who has not yet married, this covenant relationship with God has a profound place in my life and is the source of my peace, security, joy, and direction. Our Father in Heaven and Savior desire these blessings for each of us no matter our circumstance. They see you, and your path is known to Them.
Sister Kristen M. Yee
Dear sisters, your influence is great, and your gifts are needed. Look at the lives of those around you and those whom the Lord has placed within your influence.
Sister Kristen M. Yee
Anytime we help anyone find the covenant path and stay on it, we are helping to gather Israel. No one does this better than you do—as mothers, leaders, teachers, sisters, and friends. You are preparing future generations of the Lord’s Church and the world.
President Russell M. Nelson
I marvel at your faith and sensitivity to things of the Spirit. I am inspired by your diligence, dynamic leadership, and your ability to see a need and meet it. ... The entire mission of the Lord’s Church is strengthened by you.
President Russell M. Nelson

You can watch the entire devotional in the player below and read more about the messages on Church News.

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