A Few Thoughts for LDS Singles Tired of Hearing "What's Wrong with You?"

Some great insights from a single Saint who has been there and knows what it is like to feel unloveable:

"And while we might have the echoes of 'What is wrong with you?' in the rusted hulls of our minds, we, like Kristen Oaks, can begin 'to reflect a different question, ‘What more can I do that is right?’'. . .

"While I won’t give you the whole, ‘there are plenty of fish in the sea’ thing, I will tell you this: You are loveable."

“Zack, I only have one question: What is wrong with you?”

It was a few years ago on a warm summer evening. I was out with some family friends at a backyard bbq and had been chatting with a nice middle-aged woman I had just met about…life.

She was recently single; I was perpetually single.

Same ocean; different boats.

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