Are You Related to Your Neighbor? A New FamilySearch App Will Tell You

by | Jan. 30, 2015


When it comes to family history, many people enjoy the thrill of discovering long lost ancestral lines. But what about your group of friends? Or your coworkers at the office? Have you ever been with a group of people and thought to yourself, “I wonder if any of us are related?”

Thanks to a BYU-developed app called “Relative Finder”, which is now officially certified by FamilySearch.org’s Family Tree, you can find out just how closely related you are to not only past historical figures, but your neighbor, your BFF, or even your boss at work.

“This app allows you, in three minutes of time and effort, to discover how you are related to all these people,” said computer science professor Tom Sederberg. “It is fun and informative, and can stimulate interest in family history work.”

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