Are You a Courageous Parent? Counsel from Church Leaders

As I waited for my son in a pediatric dentist’s waiting room, my gaze drifted around the room to the other parents. Two mothers waddled in with older children and bouncy toddlers in strollers as they waited for their child’s turn. Another mother passed the time by talking on her cell phone, completely ignoring her son.

Others were doting over their kids, trying to appease them in any way possible. Then, I wondered what really makes a good parent? Time? Attention? Love? Meeting their physical needs?  That day made me think about how my own parenting skills measure up in God’s eyes.

Besides reading parenting magazines, I sometimes read past LDS Church General Conference addresses as I search for a solution to a question or concern. During my search for parenting advice, I found a Conference address by Elder Larry R. Lawrence, of the Seventy, that seemed to answer my question perfectly.

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