Church Calls 123 New Mission Presidents for 2017

The First Presidency has called 123 new mission presidents who will begin their service in July 2017. 

In 2015, Elder Robert D. Hales warned 126 new mission presidents,“The first couple weeks [as a new mission president] you will not sleep without one foot on the floor and one hand on the phone." But then he added the encouraging message, “I promise [Heavenly Father] will be there for you."

President Monson echoed these sentiments, speaking about his experience as a mission president, "Over the years as Sister Monson and I reflected on those three years we spent in Canada, we recognized that they were among the happiest times of our lives. When God calls and we respond to such a call, we experience the joy and satisfaction of having done as He would have us do. I testify to you that whom God calls, God qualifies. This promise extends not only to you but also to your missionaries as well."

The names of the current and new mission presidents by area are listed below. Biographies of each mission presidency couple will be published each month throughout 2017 on news.lds.org.

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For the full list, click the link below.

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