Church Releases New Videos on Ministering

The Church has released several new videos on ministering.lds.org to help Church members better understand this new principle. Additional resources will be released soon.

The Church has added several instructional videos to ministering.lds.org, the website mentioned during general conference on April 1 after President Russell M. Nelson announced the retirement of home and visiting teaching in order to implement a “holier,” coordinated effort called ministering—“a better way to minister to the spiritual and temporal needs of our people in the Savior’s way.”

An April 13 notice to leaders encourages the use of these instructional videos in “area councils, coordinating councils, stake conferences, stake councils, ward councils, and Sunday lessons for members” to learn more about, discuss, and begin implementing this inspired program.

Ministering.lds.org—which also includes a letter from the First Presidency, a list of frequently asked questions, and resources for leaders—is important for helping leaders and members understand the vision, purpose, and mechanics of ministering. The following videos provide specific examples of effective ministering, counseling during ministering interviews, and helps for guiding discussions with coordinating, stake, and ward councils and in elders quorums and Relief Societies.

Lead image a screenshot from ministering.lds.org
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